I’m Amirhossein Kardouni, a photographer, instructor, and art writer/translator currently living and working in Tehran, Iran. In my series, I’m dealing with micro-narratives raised from my personal life and their relation to the socio-political landscape of Iran in various forms. I hold an MA in photography from the University of Tehran, and currently, I’m teaching as an adjunct lecturer in multiple universities. In 2021, I found the Dastras Photobook Platform to encourage dialogue about the medium in Iran.

Personal Details

Born in 1989 Ahvaz, Iran
Currently lives in Ahvaz and Tehran



MA Photography, University of Tehran, 2015
BA English Literature, Institute for Higher Education ACECR Ahvaz, 2012


Group Exhibitions

2019  Small Image, Large Reflection, “The Documents”, Ag Galerie, Tehran
2019  Doran (era), Kino Gallery,”Dust-storm” , Ahvaz
2018  Qazvin Photography Auction, “Paralell Places”, Mehr o Mah Gallery, Qazvin
2017  University of Tehran Annual Photography Exhibition, “Parallel Places”, Tehran Gallery,     


 Selected Teaching/Lectures/Talks

2023  Interview with CadreGallery on Photobooks (Link)
2022  University of Tehran, Guest Lecturer, Methods of Presenting Photographs, Tehran
2022  Dastras Photobook Platform, Talk to Shahrzad Darafsheh on Half-light, Ahvaz Film 
          House, Ahvaz
2021  Iranian Young Cinema Society, On Photography in City of Ahvaz, Online
2021  Akkasee.com, Digital Media in Photography, Online
2020  Shootshot.com, Story of Photographer, Online
2019  Shootshot.com, Story of Photographs, Online
2019  4th edition of University of Tehran Annual Photography Exhibition, On Photobooks,   
          Tehran, Iran
2018  Baghche Institustion, Short History and Directions of Iranian Art Photography, Ahvaz
2018  University of Tehran, Digital Media & Art Photography,  Tehran



Written Works (All in Farsi)

2023  Translation of Greeting from Shiraz…, Corrien J. M. Vuurman, first published in The History of Photography,   
            published in Farsi in Aksie, Maan Publication
2018   Oil and Nostalgia, Sun and Dust, Community and Art: on photography in Ahvaz, Herfe- 
            Honarmand, Vol 72. Also Accessible online: https://tinyurl.com/4s7bxutb
2018   Don’t Make Hero Again: Current Political Issues and Future of Iranian Photography,
            Accessible online: https://www.akkasee.com/sd78Y3
2016   Gatherings Called Festival, isna.ir



2023  Dina Stirling (curator), Home is Where, Float Publication
2021   Hedie Ahmad (Curator/Bookmaker), 52 People, Self-Published
2014   Anvari, Haleh, “Representing Iran Online”, Digital Women UK
           (https://digitalwomenuk.co.uk), Access date:November 2014
2013   Abdolmalekian, Garoos, “Nothing is Lively as Death”, Cheshme Publication, p. 101


Work Experience

2018 – 2019 Photographer/Videographer Peyke-bartar Holding, Tehran
2016 – Now Writer/Translator at Akkasee.com, Tehran
2016 – 2017 Videographer/Editor MBA News (DNA UNION), Tehran

Other Experiences

2022  Found Dastras Photobook Platform
2019   Memeber of review team for editing photography courses og Iran’s universities
2017 – 2022  Contributor Writer and Translator at Akskhane.com
2015 – 2018  Photography for three short-films at Iranian Young Cinema Society